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reFinder is a digital notebook for all those who like to spend their time outdoors and enjoy nature intensively. Take a picture of an object or a place and save it together with description, comment and geodata to your personal archive to which only you have access. According to your preferences, you can extend your collection of interesting mushroom sources, fishing areas or further places where you found berries, rare plants or herbs. reFinder makes sure you will find it all again.

Mushroom pickers do know that it is decisive to know the way around the place. You can create your individual data base and find the places of porcini, chanterelles and larch bolete mushrooms even after years. reFinder helps you to sort and archive everything you found.

You can compile your personal botanical cyclopaedia from your entries. Find again cyclamen, globe flower, edelweiss and gentian. reFinder helps you with orientation and takes you back to the relevant location.

Anglers do know about the importance of finding the right place. To get there, it takes patience, many exploration tours and the proper equipment. Whether brown trout, pickerel or carp: reFinder offers you the opportunity to keep records of your preferred locations together with the fish caught and the fishing method.

Delicacies as healthy and diverse as blackberries, blueberries, sloes and wild strawberries: those who know the intense taste will pick, collect and enjoy again and again. And if you are looking for helpers, you can invite some friendly harvesters by using the sharing function.

Besides the fixed categories, reFinder features a special section that can be used according to your preferences. Here you can collect, comment and make a record of fascinating views, hidden spring sites, rare fossils, minerals, rock samples or everything else you might think of.

Here’s another useful function: you can mark the position of your car, motorbike or bicycle at the beginning of your trip and you will always find your way back easily. By the way, this is a good idea in metropolitan surroundings, too!

How to create an entry in reFinder

It is quite easy to create an entry in your archive. Starts each entry with a photo or a note. You can also easily import pictures from the iOS Photos app. After that you can choose the category in which you want to save your photo and/or note. You can find again certain objects by searching your photos (picture overview) or by reading the descriptions (text search function). You can switch between the basic functions general overview, map view or list view according to your preferences. It is also possible to export photos from reFinder to Instagram.

01 Take a photo

02 Take notes

03 General overview

04 Map view

05 List view

News on the reFinder app

Exciting stories, experiences or just something funny that happened when using reFinder? If you would like to share news or some interesting topic in relation to the app, please feel free to contact us.

Press release announcing the start of the app: reFinder by KONZEPT33 in its natural environment.


The fan community of Kräutergarten Magazine from Berlin is constantly growing. The magazine reported on the freshly launched reFinder app in November 2015.


The Herbaversum online magazine provides information on herbs. The experiences of enjoyment, nature and sustainability in general are further topics.


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Please feel free to send us your comments and suggestions for optimisation in order to help us further extend and improve the app. Your feedback goes directly to the developers and can help to make this versatile app even better.

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